Library Column: November 04

“Vermont has six seasons” said my friend “and right now it is stick season.” I looked out the window. All the trees were showing their bare branches. “Welcome to Vermont,” she said, smiling.

Over and over again, folks have walked into the library and said “Welcome to Warren, we are so glad you are here.” I’ve really appreciated this friendliness, especially since you are all losing an outstanding librarian with Jill’s departure. I feel incredibly fortunate to come in as the director of a library that is superbly run, including an amazing collection for a library of this size. So thanks to everyone for the friendly greetings and making me feel truly welcome. I will do my best!

I was lucky enough to come into a family that is passionate about books. One family story told by my mother describes my grandmother as a young woman, weeping in despair. Her mother was burning her collection of illegal books. They had been warned that the Czar’s secret police were coming to search their house.

My early relationship with books also involves the destruction of some books, but the story lacks drama. My mother had left two of us to play for a few minutes: my brother (5) and little me (3). When she came back in the room, she found some torn up library books. My brother pointed out that he hadn’t done it, but my mother was still convinced he was the instigator!

Our family had no TV (by choice) and my parents encouraged reading. We went to the library every other week and took out mountains of books. By the time I was eight years old I was already fascinated by “tales of long ago and far away,” a fascination which has metamorphosed into a passion for history.

My daughter has continued the no TV tradition and is bringing up her two children with regular visits to the library and plenty of books around the house. The 15 month old is already “reading.” He picks up a board book, turns the pages and babbles.

I look forward to sharing my love of books with the library users of Warren.

A few operational reminders:

Books can be renewed over the phone and books can be put on reserve over the phone, but please make your calls during library open hours. Books can be returned at any time through the slot.

The interlibrary loan service opens the resources of all the libraries in the State to local patrons. If you are unfamiliar with how it works, give me a call at 496-3913 or drop in and ask questions.

And a few treasures I’ve noticed in the collection in my first two weeks here:

For archaeology fans: The Road to Ubar by Nicholas Clapp. For food junkies: The Berry Bible by Janie Hibler (175 recipes using cultivated and wild, fresh and frozen berries.) For folks who thrive on public policy arguments: Healthcare Meltdown: Confronting the Myths and Fixing our Failing System by Robert H. LeBow, M.D.  For biography buffs: Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice in Paradise by Sally Cline (also great for people interested in literature, art and the 1920’s.) For collectors we’ve got the Antiques Roadshow 20th Century Collectibles: The Complete Guide to Collecting 20th Century Toys, Glassware, Costume Jewelry, Memorabilia, Ceramics and More by Carol Prisant.

Enough! I’ll see you at the library.

Deborah Kahn

Library Director, Warren Public Library


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