Library Column–June 22, 2005

Before I became a librarian I thought that a small library meant limited resources. Now I know that a small library in a small town in Vermont can be the gateway to a world of information. Start with the collection. The Warren library has thousands of carefully selected non-fiction books on a huge range of topics. There is a very good chance that we have the book you need to start your research. There is also, alas, a very good chance that we do not have the book you need to finish your research, that is if you have a lot of questions or want to delve deeply into your chosen subject. Does this mean you need to drive to another library? Nah.

Just walk across the room and ask the librarian for help. Sitting at the computer on my desk I can access the following resources in just a few minutes: the two regional libraries, all of the other public library collections in Vermont, the public school libraries in Vermont, most of the university and college libraries in Vermont and a huge database of popular and academic articles. Does it take weeks to borrow a book via interlibrary loan? Nah. Books usually arrive within two days. It occasionally takes four days. Articles can be downloaded, printed, or e-mailed to your home computer. Best of all, this amazing database with thousands of full-text articles can even be accessed from your home computer. Ask for the secret address and code! One other handy resource is the Warren Public Library website at . The site includes our complete list of videos and also lists, by category, the complete audio book collection. Check out our new Helpful Links for timesaving access to a variety of handy web-sites.

The Warren Public Library is an extraordinary resource, no doubt about it. I have no doubt that my library patrons appreciate the library: the wonderful flood of donations to the Friends of the Warren Library, the many enthusiastic volunteers who support all aspects of the library and the mountains of donated books (some added to our paperback collection, the rest heading to the Farmer’s Market to stock our book booth) all demonstrate this appreciation. Thank you!

Librarian’s wish list: 1) DVD’s to start building a collection. 2)Audio books (CD versions preferred, but we will happily accept books on tape) and 3)Large format paperbacks for the collection in the hall.

Today I raided the regional library. I can’t list all the titles, but I found a wide variety of great books: A book on cooking Native American style, two craft books (crochet and basket weaving), three books on fun things to do in Vermont, two books on women’s history and one on feminism in Islam, a book on how to grandparent (yes, I know this is silly, but just in case), one on infertility and two on children and media. Come on in and check them out.

Buy used books at the Farmer’s Market on July 2nd , July 23rd, August 13th, September 3rd and October 8th. Join us for the first book discussion of the summer on June 29th at the Warren Public Library. We’ll be talking about The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

The most important summer resource at the Warren Public Library? Air conditioning. If all else fails, come on in and cool off.


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