Library Column–December 16, 2005

There is a beautiful view of snow gently falling outside the library windows. Inside, things are way too peaceful. Come in and pick up some books!

I’ve managed to read a few books in the last two weeks:

Crazy Eights by Elizabeth Gunn. One in a series, but this police procedural stands alone with no problem. Also includes some interesting courtroom scenes, and a nice, complicated little mystery that includes some clever misdirection.

The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble. A multi-cultural novel that explores two countries, two centuries and two different women’s lives. The first part is a reconsideration of a “true” story written by a Korean princess who lived in the 18th century, the second part the story of a modern scholar who encounters the story of the Korean princess. An excellent novel, both entertaining and thought-provoking. Note 1: This is a regional library book, and will only be available for a couple more months. Note 2: This book is not a good read if you are severely claustrophobic.

Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World’s Best Poems. Exactly what the title says-Ms.Paglia guides readers through a lively analysis of poetry from Shakespeare thru the mid-Twentieth Century. I enjoyed it and discovered many wonderful things about poems I already knew and discovered a number of wonderful poems that had been outside of my reading range until now.

Entombed by Linda Fairstein. Another exciting NYC mystery by the former head of the Sex Crimes Unit of the D.A.’s Office in Manhattan. She definitely knows her nitty, gritty, details. This one has an Edgar Allan Poe connection, with references to many of his stories and poems.

The paperback collection is packed full of good reads and many helpful non-fiction books besides. There is no time limit on these books and no library card is needed. Besides that, the paperback collection is still available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the library is closed. Just be sure to mark the number of books you take on the little chart hanging to the left of the shelves.

Right next to the paperback collection are two shelves full of sale books. These are all priced at $1.00, except for the children’s books at 50 cents. We’ve been weeding, so there will be some “new” old books for sale.

I’ve ordered a few more audio books and they should be arriving soon. Come in and check them out. Wrenn and I picked out some new wooden toys for the children’s library (a truly enjoyable task). The first toy is in, a wonderful rainbow stacker!

Mary Alice Bisbee and I are planning a 300th birthday party for Benjamin Franklin. He won’t be able to attend, but we hope to have some of his cultural descendents at the party:

Firefighters, librarians, postal workers, scientists, printers, publishers and maybe even a politician are all invited, along with American history fans. We have a number of good books about Franklin and other great Americans of the Revolutionary era if you’d like to do a little research.

See you at the library.

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