Library Column–January 27, 2006

Another beautiful, snowy winter day in Warren, and I’m enjoying the wonderful view from the library windows. Speaking of library windows, please stop in and fill out our library survey: we need to know what people think about moving the library to the main floor of the Warren Town Hall. If you can’t get into the library I’ll be happy to mail out copies of the survey. You can call me at 496-3913 and let me know how many copies you need.

Exciting news – the Library will be on the air soon. Starting Monday, February 13, at 9 AM I’ll be talking about books on WMRW LP-FM 95.1 and I’ll be looking for guests to join me. Are you interested in a particular topic? Cooking, decorating, history, music, art, parenting or? Do you love (or loath) a particular author? This is your opportunity to go public with your knowledge and opinions! The only requirement is to link the discussion to the library collection and resources and I’ll be glad to help put together programs that work! Give me a call to volunteer yourself or a friend!

My reading has been…diverse…muddled might be a better word, but luckily I enjoy diving into books and I even enjoy trying to describe them in 25 words or less.

The Necessary Beggar by Susan Palwick. This one is sort of science fiction, but it is more of a book about families, love, cultural shock, exile, refugees, truth, lies and confusion. I enjoyed it.

Flirting with Pride & Prejudice: Fresh Perspectives on the Original Chick-Lit Masterpiece edited by Jennifer Crusie. Hey, it was fun, not too serious, and especially interesting if you also like the various movie versions. Great for fans of Jane Austen, but not if you can’t stand a bit of nonsense.

The Professor’s Daughter by Emily Raboteau. A first novel by a young woman with elements of magical realism and a harsh study of the challenge of growing up in a mixed race family in America. I found the story irritating and then increasingly gripping as I gradually immersed myself in the story.

Cities in the Wilderness: A New Vision of Land Use in America by Bruce Babbitt. An excellent review of various environmental transformations and issues over the last 30 years. Babbitt proposes a partnership between concerned citizens, the Federal government, state governments and local governments to protect and recreate wilderness areas. I was impressed by his practical good sense and insider knowledge of politics plus the remarkable readability of the book.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks (audio cassette). Sweet.

See you at the library.


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