Radio Program – August 11, 2006 – Dorothy Tod on Dams

In the Land of the Wild Onion by Charles Fish.

Series on the Winooski in the Times Argus:

Hidden World of the Winooski on Monday July 24, 2006, Power from a Working River On Monday July 31, 2006, A Historic River on Monday, August 7, 2006, A River’s Rage on Thursday August 10, 2006.

We have all four articles at the library (non-circulating).

Water: A Natural History by Alice Outwater

Confluence by Nathaniel Tripp

Cities in the Wilderness by Bruce Babbitt

Deep Water by Jacques Leslie

We ran out of time before discussing the last two books:

In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden by Kathleen Cambor (about the Johnstown Flood)

Nora’s Ark by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (a lovely picture book about the 1927 Vermont flood)

Vermont Online Library 

(call 496-3913 for the password, or ask at the library)

Search on “Dams” found 1,851 academic articles, many having to do with livestock! I used the subject terms list and switched to “flood dams” and got a list of 59 academic articles, 89 magazine articles, 5 articles in e-reference books, 64 news articles.

Herewith a sampler:

Dams, development, and health: a missed opportunity.(Commentary)(Brief Article). Adrian C Sleigh and Sukhan Jackson. 
        The Lancet 357.9256 (Feb 24, 2001): p570. (academic)

Dams in distress: nation’s flood-control dams are nearing end of expected life. Andrew Burchett. 
        Farm Journal 124.3 (Feb 2000): p31(1).

Did a bit of digging around in the subject headings and found out the term I needed to talk about dams and electricity was “hydroelectric power.”

Reporting on dams in dictator-run countries: journalists’ access to construction sites is curtailed, so environmental effects and population displacement can’t be easily reported.(Watchdog). Supalak Ganjanakhundee. 
        Nieman Reports 59.1 (Spring 2005): p50(3). (academic)

Promoting sustainable development: the UNEP Dams and Development project was set up to promote dialogue and evaluation about the role dams play in worldwide power generation.(United Nation’s Environment Programme). 
        International Water Power & Dam Construction 58.4 (April 2006): p12(3). (magazine)

On topics like this the academic resources are sometimes less technical than the magazine articles! Unfortunately the periodical discussions around these topics are heavily dominated by engineers and technicians and business people.


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