Library Column – March 22, 2007

As I write this column a couple of kind gentlemen with shovels are moving snow off the roof of the library, a truly impressive amount of snow. I think this is probably a very good idea: we need to preserve the books (essential) and the librarian (of great personal concern) and our patrons (crucial).

Town Meeting in Warren was fascinating this year. I am delighted that the library move was approved. Thank you to all of you who contribute to making Warren a totally wonderful place to work. In fact it is so wonderful that I’m hoping to move to Warren soon. I need to find a small apartment to rent, so please let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks!

A few books, and DVDs:

Double Tap by Steve Martini (paperback collection). On the way into the library there is a hall full of posters and paperbacks. The paperbacks can be borrowed and you don’t need a library card. Just pick what you want and mark it on the little counting sheet. This guy writes lawyer novels and does a great job. The head of a software company is murdered, execution style. Her ex-bodyguard probably did it. Well, not actually, of course. Entertaining and suspenseful.

Me vs. Me by Sarah Mlynowski. Love or career? Arizona or New York City? Does a girl have to choose? Why not have it all…

Ask the Parrot by Richard Stark (actually Donald Westlake). Parker is trying to avoid being caught by the police after robbing a bank. He lands in a small town, where his attempts to help out a disgruntled ex-employee rob a racetrack creates havoc. Entertaining, but creepy.

Ancient Civilizations (6 DVDs, 9 hours). An interesting concept. The creators take you to various modern locales: Rome or Athens, for example, and then use computer graphics to recreate the architecture and the view from long-ago. The films also include excerpts from a wide range of old movies, plus plenty of learned commentary. The section on Pompeii was particularly interesting. I will admit that I didn’t watch the entire thing, mostly because my DVD player isn’t very good.

Wild Horses I have Known, text and photos by Hope Ryden. A lovely kid’s book about mustangs. Younger children who love horses will enjoy the photos and older kids will enjoy the information.

Krakatoa (DVD). PBS film about the explosion that completely destroyed the volcano of Krakatoa, which, prior to the eruption stood 6,000 feet high and 10 miles in diameter. Includes historic dramatization plus commentary by modern scientists. We also have the book and the audiobook (CD). We have other books about natural disasters, if you like the genre.

The Girl Who Married a Lion and Other Tales From Africa by Alexander McCall Smith (book or audio cassette). A charming set of folktales, lightly rewritten by the popular author of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and beautifully read by several voices.

Anybody Out There? by Marian Keyes (audio CD). So you are young, good looking, crazy in love with your husband, working a glamorous job in NYC, have a great circle of friends…and then something irrevocably awful happens. How do you cope?


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