Radio Program – Vermont Poets – Carol Milkuhn


“Autumn” by Inga M. Potter in Brighten the Barn the 60th Anniversary Anthology of the Poetry Society of Vermont

“Snow Quilts” in Shoveler on the Roof by Phyllis Rachel Larrabee

“Stove Cleaning” in Sinking Creek by John Engels

Farm Life

“Eggs” by Regina Brault in Brighten the Barn

The Quick Coming of the Night” by Ann B. Day in Brighten the Barn

“Saint Francis and the Sow” in A New Selected Poems by Galway Kinnell

Poet Laureates

Robert Frost, Galway Kinnell, Grace Paley and, most recent, Ruth Stone.

“Poems” in In the Next Galaxy by Ruth Stone

You Can Write a Poem About Anything

The Burlington Bike Path” by Carol Milkuhn in Brighten the Barn

Bad Back” by Diane Swan in Brighten the Barn

“Reliving History” in The Spirits Need to Eat by Francette Cerulli

“Love” by Nancy Means Wright in Line by Line by the Otter Creek Poetry Workshop

Two More Books (not read on program)

Robert Frost: The People, Places and Stories Behind His New England Poetry by Lea Newman

Oxford Rhyming Dictionary compiled by Clive Upton and Eben Upton.


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