TV Show – Outdoor Winter Fun – Deborah and Jessica – Winter 2008

Backcountry Skiing Adventures: Vermont & New York: Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in Vermont and New York by David Goodman (796.93)

Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont by Elizabeth H. Thompson and Eric R. Sorenson (917.43)

The Complete Tracker: Tracks, Signs and Habits of North American Wildlife by Len McDougall (599)

The Green Mountain Club Long Trail Guide (917.43)

Best Loop Hikes: New Hampshire’s White Mountains to the Maine Coast by Jeffrey Romano (796.51)

Vermont Off the Beaten Path: A Guide to Unique Places by Lisa Shaw (917.4304)

Vermont Backroads by Mollie Yoneko Matteson (917.43)

All-Terrain Skiing: Body Mechanics and Balance from Powder to Ice by Dan Egan (796.93)

The All-Mountain Skier: The Way to Expert Skiing  by R. Mark Elling (796.93)

The Essential Guide to Skiing: 201 Things Every Skier Must Know by Ron LeMaster (796.43)

The New Guide to Skiing by Martin Heckelman

The Essential Cross-Country Skier: A Step-by-Step Guide by Paul Petersen & Richard A. Lovett (796.93)

The Ultimate Smowboarding: The All-Action Guide to the World’s Most Exciting Sport by Billy Miller (796.9)

The Story of Modern Skiing by John Fry


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