Radio Program – February 29, 2008 – Michael Barker, Do-It-Yourself Architecture

Build It Better Yourself: From Garden Tools to Livestock Housing, from Planters to Lawn Furniture, Practical Projects for the Homestead, Yard and Garden by the Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming (681.7)

Modern Carpentry: Building Construction Details in Easy-to-Understand Form by Willis H. Wagner (694)

Outdoor Woodwork: 16 Easy-To-Build Projects for Your Yard & Garden by Alan and Gill Bridgewater (684.1)

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores by Tom Philbin & Steve Ettlinger (683)

How to Build Small Barns & Outbuildings by Monte Burgh (690)

The Art of the Stonemason by Ian Cramb (693)

The Forgotten Art of Building a Stone Wall: An Illustrated Guide to Dry Wall Construction by Curtis P. Fields (717)

Building Green: A Complete How-To Guide to Alternative Building Methods: Earth Plaster, Straw Bale, Cordwood, Cob, Living Roofs by Clarke Snelle & Jim Callahan (690)

Restoring Old Houses: A Guide for the Self-Builder and Building Professional by Arthur W. Landry (690)

Plumbing: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Projects by Merle Henkenius (696)


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