Radio Program – February 20, 2009 – Bob Ferris Saving Energy

and Green Building

The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money by Making Your House Energy Smart by Paul Scheckel (640.73)

The Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit by Stephen & Rebekah Hren (644 New)

The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes by Daniel D. Chiras (690)

Outside the Box: Affordable Energy Efficient Construction Technique by Bill Hanlon (690)

Building Green: A Complete How-To Guide to Alternative Building Methods by Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan (690)

Earth Architecture: From Ancient to Modern by William N. Morgan (721 New)

The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect’s Sketchbook by Malcolm Wells (690.8)

Build Your Own Earth Oven: A Low-Cost Wood-Fired Mud Oven; Simple Sourdough Bread; Perfect Loaves  by Kiko Denzer (693)

Natural Building: Creating Communities Through Cooperation by Timothy Rieth & Bob Ferris (editors) (690 New)

The Passive Solar Energy Book: A Complete Guide to Passive Solar Home, Greenhouse and Building Design by Edward Mazria (696)

Designing & Building: A Solar House by Donald Watson (728.3)

Power from the Wind by Palmer Cosslett Putnam (621.4)

Power with Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified by Rex A. Ewing (621.47)


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